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We have more than two decades of experience fitting and servicing hearing aids. We try to make hearing aids affordable for all of our patients by offering competitive prices, financing through CareCredit, and other financial support. As long as your hearing aids are under warranty, we will never charge you for visits or services. At the end of the day, we just want you to hear better, and we will do what we can to help!

Services Offered

  • FREE Hearing Tests. If you think you might have hearing loss and you're considering whether hearing aids are right for you, come see us for a thorough hearing test. You won't have to pay a cent, and we'll talk you through your results.
  • Hearing Aid Sales. We only carry high-quality, reliable hearing aids. We've been fitting patients for decades, so we know what hearing aids will work best for you.
  • Hearing Counseling. Hearing aids are only part of hearing better. We work with you after you get new hearing aids and on an ongoing basis to make sure you know what to expect and continue to have a good experience.
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming. . Thoroughly cleaning your hearing aids regularly will keep them working well, but if something goes wrong, we are able to make some repairs in-office.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs and Maintenance. Thoroughly cleaning your hearing aids regularly will keep them working well, but if something does go wrong, we are able to make some repairs in-office.
  • Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories. We sell batteries at affordable prices so you can wear your hearing aids all day without worrying about the cost of replacing batteries.
  • Tinnitus Support. Tinnitus is an unpleasant distraction, but modern hearing aids can make tinnitus much more manageable. Our hearing instrument specialist wears hearing aids to address his own tinnitus, so he knows firsthand how much of a difference they make.

Free Care During Your Warranty Period

Our services are included in the cost of your hearing aid for the length of your warranty. That means you have several years of unlimited visits in case you have questions or need our help. That's because what matters most to us is that you wear your hearing aids and that they work for you. If anything seems off, we want you to feel comfortable telling us and letting us make it right.

Hearing Aids Purchased Elsewhere

If you've purchased hearing aids from somewhere else and you're not satisfied with them, give us the chance to help you hear better. We may be able to clean or reprogram your hearing aids so they give you better results. We recognize that not all people who sell hearing aids take the time to do it right, and we have helped many patients get on a new path to better hearing.

Ongoing Care for Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aid maintenance in Antigo, WI

Once we fit you with hearing aids for the first time, we stay in touch because we want to make sure you're settling in with them and that they are working the way you want. For the first month, we ask you to come in once or twice a week. That lets us make any changes to the programming or the fit until you're comfortable and happy.

We suggest coming in every six months to let us give your hearing aids a thorough cleaning. Often when hearing aids need repairs, the damage comes from wax accumulation and could have been prevented by regular cleaning. That's why daily maintenance is so important.

If you take good care of your hearing aids, they should last you for years. We've had patients whose hearing aids lasted as long as 18 years, although most people choose to replace them every 5 years or so to take advantage of new technology developments.

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