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Hearing Services of Antigo has been helping people like you hear better for decades. We've got years of experience choosing the right hearing aids and customizing them to match each individual's hearing needs. Because we are an independent practice, we are able to choose which hearing aid manufacturers to work with. We want patients to feel confident about their hearing aids, which is why we only carry hearing aids that are reliable and effective. Everything we do is based on what's best for our patients.

Hearing aids at Hearing Services of Antigo

Advances in Hearing Technology

Hearing aid technology with Bluetooth

Hearing aid technology has improved immensely since we began in the hearing field. When we started nearly 30 years ago, hearing aid levels were set by hand with a screwdriver. Today, we use a computer to program the settings, and hearing aids now have far more versatility than they ever did before. For example, many of today's hearing aids come with features like tinnitus treatment programs, own-voice improvement programs, custom situational programs (for watching TV, sitting in a noisy restaurant, etc.), and rechargeability.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

We primarily focus on hearing aids made by Oticon because they are known for their technological sophistication and quality of sound. Working primarily with one particular manufacturer means we can learn the ins and outs of everything that manufacturer makes. However, because we have so much experience working with hearing aids over the years, we're able to support you if there's a different brand you prefer.

EarQ at Hearing Services of Antigo Oticon at Hearing Services of Antigo Resound at Hearing Services of Antigo Signia at Hearing Services of Antigo
Starkey at Hearing Services of Antigo Widex at Hearing Services of Antigo Phonak at Hearing Services of Antigo

Experience Better Hearing Firsthand

Man happy with his hearing aids

We can tell you what a difference hearing aids can make, and our hearing instrument specialist can speak from his own experience. But ultimately whether to get hearing aids or not is up to you. To help you make a decision, we give you the chance to try on a pair of demo hearing aids as part of the testing process.

Not only does doing so let us check whether our results from the first test were accurate, it also allows you to see what hearing aids feel like and also get a sense for how you can hear with them. People are often surprised by just how inconspicuous today’s hearing aids are.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aid styles include invisible-in-the-canal, completly-in-canal, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear. Choosing hearing aids depends on your hearing loss and what you need to treat it. For example, if you have a very severe hearing loss, you may not be able to get the power you need out of a tiny in-ear device.

IIC Hearing aid at Hearing Services of Antigo CIC hearing aid at Hearing Services of Antigo ITC hearing aid at Hearing Services of Antigo

ITE hearing aid at Hearing Services of Antigo RIC Hearing aid at Hearing Services of Antigo BTE hearing aid at Hearing Services of Antigo

The hearing aid that is right for you will depend on your individual hearing loss and lifestyle. For example, if you have a very severe hearing loss, you may not be able to get the power you need out of an in-ear device. We also consider what your personal preferences are. If you've had a particular kind of hearing aid before and you liked it, we're happy to keep you with that same type of hearing aid, even if it's a custom hearing aid inside your ear. Otherwise we find that most people prefer their results with a receiver-in-canal hearing aid.

Although you might think you want the smallest possible hearing aids, RIC models are just as hard to see, and they have other benefits as well. For example, hearing aids inside your ears may block or distort the sound or feel uncomfortable somewhat like the way it feels if you stick your fingers in your ears. The RIC lets your ear breathe more comfortably, and they also offer more features such as rechargeability and Bluetooth compatibility.

Why a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

Maybe you've seen discount "hearing aids" online or in big-box stores with extremely low price tags. You might think you can get cheap hearing devices that will treat your hearing loss, but even if they look like regular hearing aids on the outside, they don't have the same technology inside.

When it comes to hearing devices, with either over-the-counter/online hearing instruments or actual hearing aids fitted by an experienced professional, you get what you pay for. Cheaper hearing devices might give you a little volume boost, but they won't help you with understanding speech or filtering background noise like hearing aids can.

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